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Reading Schools framework to support blended learning

Type: Programme documents
Level: Core, Silver, Gold
Audience: Primary, Secondary
Key area: 1.2.1 Reading leadership group, 1.2.2 Learner role modelling, 1.2.3 Visible staff role modelling across the school, 1.2.4 Staff development, 1.2.5 Staff knowledge of contemporary children’s literature, 1.3.1 Whole school action plan, 1.3.2 School environment, 1.3.3 National events and celebrations, 1.5.1 Access to high quality books, 2.2.1 Regular opportunities to read for pleasure, 2.2.2 Interdisciplinary book projects, 2.3.1 Modelling reading behaviours, 2.3.2 Staff meaningful conversations around books, 2.3.3 Creating learner social networks, 2.3.4 Opportunities for learners to respond to what they’re reading, 2.3.5 Access to authors, 2.5.1 Raising the profile of reading with families, 2.7.1 Partnerships within local community, 3.2.1 Rewarding progress and recognising personal achievements, 3.2.2 Monitoring progress
children's books

This resource provides ideas and adaptions for your Reading Schools action plan during the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the same format as the original Reading Schools framework, this resource details examples of actions that you can take whilst schools are subject to restrictions caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It includes suggestions for home learning during lockdown, blended learning for pupils in school hubs and recovery planning as pupils return.

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