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Shared practice event showcase case study videos (secondary)

Watch videos from our shared practice event showcase, where secondary schools shared their journey to achieving Reading Schools accreditation

Type: Case study
Audience: Secondary
Group of teachers learning together

We have a selection of videos from seven secondary schools sharing their experiences becoming Reading Schools. The schools discuss the challenges they faced, how they overcame them and offer tips and advice for other schools currently on their Reading Schools journey. These videos are from a Reading Schools shared practice event showcase in November 2021. Find out more about CLPL and further support sessions.

Arbroath High School

Arbroath High School share their journey of achieving their Reading School accreditation.

Braes High School

Braes High School share their journey of achieving their Silver Reading School accreditation.

Bo'ness Academy

Bo'ness Academy share their journey of achieving their Gold Reading School accreditation.

Whitburn Academy

Whitburn Academy share their experience of their Reading School: Gold journey with a focus on the impact of their initiatives around community engagement and partnership (Key Area 2.7.1 Partnerships in the community) with two videos.

James Young High School

James Young High School talk about the school librarian's role and share their top five tips for engaging all staff on your secondary Reading Schools journey (Key Area 1.2.3 Visible staff role modelling across the school/1.2.4 Staff Development).

Alloa Academy

Alloa Academy share their experience of providing their pupils with access to high quality books and opportunities to choose and discuss their own titles (Key Area 1.5.1 Access to High Quality Books).

Perth Grammar

Perth Grammar talk about their P7–S1 transition book project (Key Area 1.5.1 Access to High Quality Books/2.71 Partnerships in the community).