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How it works

Reading Schools is an accreditation programme for schools that are committed to building a culture of reading for their learners and communities. It is brought to you by Scottish Book Trust.​

Reading Schools offers:

Step 1

Get your school ready

Look at our framework and get your staff excited about taking part!

Step 2

Decide which level you’d like to aim for

Use our handy quiz to help you decide. You can then complete an audit of what your school has in place already by using one of our self-evaluation documents.

Step 3

Sign up and complete your Action Plan

Once you have created your account on this website, work with your Reading Leadership Group to put together your Action Plan from your dashboard – you can use the framework, examples of practice and resources to help you. Once you have completed the Action Plan, submit it for approval.

Step 4

Survey your learners and staff

Ask a selection of learners and staff members to fill out our attitude surveys to find out about their reading habits and views.

Step 5

Put your plans into action and collect your evidence

Enjoy seeing the impact on your learners as you build on your reading culture. Collect your evidence as you go along – your Evidence Plan will be available on your dashboard. We will only ask you to comment on one action for each of the criteria.

Step 6

Submit your evidence for accreditation

Once everything is ticked off and ready to go, you can submit your Evidence Plan for accreditation to recognise all your hard work in building a culture of reading at your school!

Eligibility and waitlist

Reading Schools is currently only open to selected local authorities. To check if your school is eligible, please visit our sign up page, where you can also add your details to the waitlist if not eligible. We will contact you when registration opens for your school.