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Attitude surveys

Download these evaluation surveys to help you on your Reading Schools journey

Type: Programme documents
Level: Core, Silver, Gold
Audience: Primary, Secondary
Key area: 3.2.2 Monitoring progress
two children completing a learner attitude survey

These surveys look at attitudes to reading, help to measure the impact of your activities and will help you to get a sense of:

We recommend that you use the survey’s at the beginning of your Reading Schools journey, during your action planning process to help you decide what sort of actions and activities are best suited to your school community.

Share them with your teachers, learners, parents and carers to help you plan your activities, measure your Reading Schools programme’s impact and develop the programme in the future

Share them again at the end of your Reading Schools journey (and at any point in between if you’d like to check on progress) trying to ensure that the same participants complete the surveys each time.

You can also use our pulse survey, which is a short, quick way to measure attitudes more frequently.

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