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Learner role modelling

Core, Silver and Gold level resources to support peer role modelling

Type: Classroom resources, Training videos
Level: Core, Silver, Gold
Audience: Primary, Secondary
Key area: 1.2.2 Learner role modelling

Watch this short video to find out more about key area 1.2.2 Learner role modelling. This is part of our series of webinar shorts, 5 to 10 minute training videos focusing on each key area of the Reading Schools framework.

We expect Reading Schools to show how learners visibly promote reading and recommend books to one another.

Peer role modelling is incredibly important – young people take notice of what their peers are doing and listen to their recommendations. Reading is a social act and supporting that peer-to-peer interaction is key for a Reading School at any level.

We've also created these resources for Core, Silver and Gold levels to help you achieve Key Area 1.2.2: Learner role modelling, and work towards your Reading School accreditation.

Learner Role Modelling: Core

For core level, we expect schools to provide evidence of one of the following activities, or a similar activity:

Wear 'Ask me what I'm reading' badges

Talk about books in assembly

Recommendations wall

Recommendations bookmarks

Shelf labels

Recommendations video

Create a book trailer

Learner Role Modelling: Silver

At silver level, we expect to see core level activities sustained, as well as learners supporting one another in ways that are more formal. This could be one of the activities below, or a similar activity:

Take part in a paired reading project

Share storytelling videos

Be a reading mentor

Lead a reading club

Learner Role Modelling: Gold

At gold level, we expect schools to sustain core and silver-level activity (see above) and support learners to act as reading role models through interactions with members of the wider community in one of the below ways, or in another way that suits your setting.

Creating pupil role models

Put on a reading flash mob

Book Doctors

Reading podcasts

Create reading videos for the community

Community window displays

Working with local community media

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