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We are working to become a Reading School poster

Downloadable posters to print out and put up in your school

Type: Posters and print outs
Level: Core
Audience: Additional Support Needs, Primary, Secondary
Key area: 1.2.1 Reading leadership group, 1.2.2 Learner role modelling, 1.2.3 Visible staff role modelling across the school, 1.3.2 School environment

This resource relates directly to key areas (this will open in a new window)1.2.1 Reading leadership group, (this will open in a new window)1.2.2 Learner role modelling, (this will open in a new window)1.2.3 Visible staff role modelling across the school and (this will open in a new window)1.3.2 School environment

Printable resources

We have some other great printable resources you might be interested in.

Download posters and put up them up around your school to help raise awareness that you are working towards becoming a Reading School.

There is a poster for each level of accreditation; Core, Silver and Gold and these are available in English and Gaelic.