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Access to authors

This resource offers a route map to building impact through engagement with authors.

Type: Classroom resources, Training videos
Level: Silver, Gold
Audience: Additional Support Needs, Primary, Secondary
Key area: 2.3.5 Access to authors

Watch this short video to find out more about key area 2.3.5 Access to Authors. This is part of our series of webinar shorts, 5 to 10 minute training videos focusing on each key area of the Reading Schools framework.

This resource offers a route map for successful engagement with authors and author events, showcasing Scottish Book Trust programmes and how to build a sustainable approach to engaging learners with authors and other creative practitioners.

Building interaction with author events gradually, using a sustainable approach, ensures that any staff involved in planning and running author events in school don’t feel overwhelmed. It also ensures that pupils get the most out of the events, and are familiar with the format of author events and know what to expect.


For schools applying for Silver and Gold Reading School accreditation, we expect schools to show evidence that they have given all learners the opportunity to engage with authors, poets’ illustrators, storytellers or other creative practitioners.

Scottish Book Trust offers a variety of part and fully funded programmes that will support you to do this and able you to evidence this engagement.

Our recommended pathway is as follows:

An author residency, which is a 10-week long project, might seem daunting if you are unfamiliar with author events, but regularly interacting with authors and getting familiar with events will ensure you feel confident engaging with authors and using events to support learning and reading for pleasure.

Our recommended pathway

Embed digital events: Authors Live On Demand

Regularly attend digital events: tune into a live Authors Live broadcast

Run a one-off event: Use Scottish Friendly Children's Book Tour

Run your own one-off or series of author events: Using Live Literature

Run an author residency: Live Literature Residency

How to evidence?

Finally, if you are wondering how to record all this amazing work to submit as part of your Reading Schools accreditation, the easiest way to evidence engagement with any author event – whether that is watching an On Demand Authors Live or hosting a school residency – is to take photographs. Nothing beats the smile that pupils get when seeing their favourite author, or getting involved in an event, or even taking photos after showing that spark and desire to go away and read (perhaps you all go to the library following the event to request that authors books?).

You can also photograph work pupils produce during the event or work produced after. If you tweet any questions to @ScottishBkTrust or specific authors, remember to save those either as links or a screen shot as evidence of engagement.

Other types of evidence that will add massively to your submission are quotes from the pupils. Ask them what they thought of the event, of the author, or how they felt about the activities.

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