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Modelling reading behaviours

Resource to support key area 2.3.1 Modelling reading behaviours

Type: Training videos
Level: Core, Silver, Gold
Audience: Additional Support Needs, Primary, Secondary
Key area: 2.3.1 Modelling reading behaviours

This resource supports the modelling of good reading practice and behaviours in your classrooms.

Watch this short video to find out more about key area 2.3.1 Modelling reading behaviour. This is part of our series of webinar shorts, 5 to 10 minute training videos focusing on each key area of the Reading Schools framework.

As adults in our learner's lives, it is up to us to really showcase reading as a positive and joyful experience. To escape into a good book can take time and patience, but when we can bring stories to life for our classes and be seen as readers ourselves, we create an infectious culture of reading that will resonate across your school.