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E-learning Module 2 – Gathering and submitting your evidence

A short, e-learning module supporting the gathering and submitting of evidence for your Reading Schools accreditation


Welcome to our Reading Schools e-learning page for gathering and submitting your evidence for accreditation, where we have curated a series of learning elements to help give you a clear idea of the programme’s expectations and assist with planning your Reading Schools journey.

There are three learning areas covered on this page, providing you with an overview of the Reading Schools evidence requirements across the framework key areas, an understanding of what types of evidence you will be asked to provide and preparing you for your submission.

Once you have completed all learning outcomes, you can join us at one of our (this will open in a new window)drop in support sessions, where we will discuss what you have learned and what your Reading Schools submission might look like. In this session there will be an opportunity to ask questions and meet fellow Reading Schools from across Scotland.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to download our handy checklist and notesheet, to complete as you work through the following learning outcomes

Learning outcome 1

This section should take 30 minutes to complete.

How will I evidence my Reading Schools activities?

In order to fully understand the Reading Schools evidence requirements, please work through the following actions:

1.1 Evidence Types

1.2 The Reading Schools framework

1.3 Sharing responsibility

If you have not already done so, you may want to watch our short website navigation video (6 mins), to help familiarise yourself with your dashboard and other user features

This video has been broken down into chapters, allowing you to hone in on particular features.


Learning outcome 2

This section should take 45 minutes to complete.

Evidence gathering in practice

Now that you know more about the programme expectations in terms of evidence requirements, it's time to familiarise yourself with the evidence plan format and what this looks like in practice, through a webinar recording and resources using real examples from our participating schools.

Please watch the following webinar recording (21 mins) before continuing

To further explore the Reading Schools evidence gathering process and see what other schools are doing to evidence their activities, please complete the following actions:

2.1 Webinar shorts

2.2 Submitting your evidence article

2.3 Connecting with other schools

Learning outcome 3

This section should take 15 minutes to complete.

Your evidence plan and getting your submission ready

Now that you know more about the programme expectations and what other schools are doing, it's time to think about your evidence plan and preparing your school's application for submission.

3.1 My school's evidence plan

3.2 Download your action plan as a PDF

3.3 Begin uploading evidence

Conclusion and drop in support sessions

Well done! You have now completed our e-learning page on Gathering and submitting your evidence. You will now have a better understanding of the programme expectations, how other schools have evidenced their Reading Schools activities and how you will begin to populate your evidence plan.

If you have any queries or concerns, please join us at one of our (this will open in a new window)drop in support sessions, where we will answer any questions and discuss your Reading Schools journey.

Now that you have completed this module, please access the following short self-assessment form, after which you will be emailed your certificate of completion:

Module 2 – Gathering and submitting your evidence self-assessment

Gathering and submitting your evidence checklist and note sheet