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Using The Hunger Games for a cross-curricular book project

How to use The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins to support a multi-disciplinary book project

Type: Classroom resources
Level: Core, Silver
Audience: Secondary
Key area: 2.2.2 Interdisciplinary book projects
hunger games mockingjay pin

The aim of this resource is to support secondary staff to run a multi-disciplinary project, working towards Key Area 2.2.2 Interdisciplinary Book Projects of the Reading Schools Framework. The resource contains activity ideas for most curricular areas in the Curriculum for Excellence. The project can be run with:

A multi-disciplinary project can be run as a year-long project, across a term, or during an intense week or day of activities. Running a cross-curricular project is also a great way to introduce entrant students to their new setting. A multi-disciplinary project would be a great way to encourage bonding and peer-to-peer interaction in the first weeks of term.

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