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Reading Schools in Gaelic speaking classes and schools

Discover more about Reading Schools in settings that include Gaelic Medium education (GME).

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Reading Schools is an accreditation programme for schools that are committed to building a culture around reading for pleasure for their learners, staff and communities. Research shows that reading for pleasure is central to supporting equity and well-being, positively impacting learners' attainment across the curriculum, critical thinking, creativity, empathy and resilience.

Reading Schools is open to all schools in Scotland, mapped to (this will open in a new window)How Good Is Our School? 4, and flexible to a wide variety of settings and situations. The accreditation process is a journey, supported by resources and tools that will help you draw out the best impact for your setting. The friendly Scottish Book Trust team are also on hand to help you navigate any aspects that you are unsure how to approach in your particular setting and offer personalised guidance on the flexibility of the (this will open in a new window)Reading Schools Framework to suit your individual requirements.

Reading Schools is a whole-school accreditation, and we expect to see evidence from all year groups and classes including GME. Gaelic speaking classes should be represented in Reader Leadership Groups by staff and learners and plans in place to work collaboratively to achieve their goals. In Key Areas where whole school activity is required, we would expect to see some sharing across language. In appropriate Key Areas, we would also expect to see Gaelic speaking or learning family members and community representatives to be included in plans.

Reading Schools looks for a school to be nurturing the enjoyment of reading in individuals, allowing staff and learners to explore their own reading personalities, display likes and dislikes and make confident choices. To discover and develop these, a school will seek to make a variety of ‘reading’ available (this may include audiobooks, non-fiction, magazines, and newspapers) and may seek to further enthuse and inspire with events or special projects around books. 

We are delighted to be working with a number of registered and accredited Gaelic Medium education (GME) settings or schools with GME classes, with positive results.

Some examples:

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Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your ideas for your particular setting with the team.

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