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Quick and fun activities and resources

Quick and easy activities which can be run in under an hour

Type: Classroom resources
Audience: Primary, Secondary
Key area: 1.2.1 Reading leadership group, 1.2.2 Learner role modelling, 2.3.3 Creating learner social networks

This webpage gathers our quick and easy activities, most of which can be run in under an hour. These have been designed so they engage pupils with books and stories including those who are new or reluctant readers. You could use these:

Book Personality Quiz

Use this PowerPoint with the children in your class or school to help them discover what kinds of books they might like to read. This is a great introduction to talking about reading for pleasure and genre.

Book Blurb Quiz

Can you guess the book from reading the blurb? This printable activity for upper primary will have pupils looking for clues on some of our favourite book's covers.

Treasure Hunt

Designed for primary pupils, this treasure hunt gets pupils to use riddles and book covers to figure out a secret clue. Hiding the books around your school, or local library, is a fun and exciting way to introduce your pupils to the space and books they can borrow!

Escape Room

This escape room, designed by Padlox, will have pupils working together in groups to solve a mystery using a combination of different puzzles.